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Welcome to the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering of Faculty of Engineering of Kütahya Dumlupınar University. Thank you for searching our website and for deciding to investigate the educational program we offer.

Metallurgy and Materials Engineering deals with the processes, tests and evaluations of metals, minerals, ceramics, polymers, composites, nanomaterials, semiconductors and other electronic materials. Although the history of this science extends back thousands of years, today's metallurgical and material science engineers have developing high-tech products such as new semiconductors for advanced computer chips, new superconductors for railroad construction to airbags, exotic fiber composites for biological implants and carbon nanotubes for electrical transformation. Some metallurgical and material engineers deal with the design, production and control of metal, composite, ceramic (coating materials, sanitary ware, tableware and kitchen utensils, brick and tile, glass products, tile, cement and concrete etc.). Metallurgy and material science engineers are required and employed in all areas of manufacturing and technological development of materials used for the product, tool and plant construction.

There are a lot of exciting activities right now in our department which are making the department a great place to research and study. Our educational staff is very strong. The newly participating academics will also provide important contributions to the department. Our department will grow and develop even further in the future.

As a student of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, you will be encouraged to participate in the research and development of materials.  It will also be possible to have a variety of employment opportunities, such as having scholarships and paid summer jobs within the framework of joint work programs established with factories, engineering firms and government agencies involved in this discipline. We also have part-time study and food scholarships for hard-working and needy students in the university.

One of the fundamental aspects of our engineering education is the ability to combine theory and practice. For this purpose, our students will be able to continue part of their education in universities abroad or in universities in which we are in agreement. There are also ERASMUS, FARABI, double major and horizontal transit possibilities. Until today, many of our students have benefited from these opportunities. In addition, our students live and study in cultural, social and academic facilities that are not available on most university campuses.

Kütahya Dumlupınar University has a wonderful campus with a rightful reputation in our country and even abroad. It is also quite ambitious in engineering education. Our department, which is one of the first established departments of our university, has started education and teaching as Ceramic Engineering in 1994 and will continue its education as Metallurgy and Materials Engineering since 2018. Our strong academics, advanced labs and physical facilities give us great convenience in providing you with the education you deserve. As a student of ours, you will also have the opportunity to participate in professional, social and sporting activities on campus.

Our goals are to ensure our graduates ready; 1) to work in private companies and government agencies and 2) to continue their graduate studies at the best graduate schools in Turkey and the world. Our graduates have proven themselves in many careers with managerial, scientific and engineering positions in a wide range of industries, public and educational areas.

Kütahya, a city of culture and art, has very convenient and favorable conditions for university education in terms of its geographical location and facilities. This city, also known as the Capital of Çini and Ceramic, is an important junction point in terms of transportation in Western Anatolia. It can be reached by plane, train or bus. The ease of daily life and inner city transportation, the abundance of opportunities that make student life easier, and the approach of the people of Kütahya with the sense of love and helpfulness to the students made this city a student city. You will remember the years and friendships here with longing in the future.

As one of the strongest departments of our university, we have carried out many novelties in education and research and development. We always keep close relations with our alumni through their professional lives both in terms of technical trips and specific project issues such as congresses, conferences, symposium attendances and workshops. After your online visit, if you have the opportunity, I would recommend you to take a stroll on our magnificent campus, to get acquainted with our facilities, us and the department more closely. If you would like more information about our program and our department, or if you have any questions please write or call us. I wish your preferences will be right and good for your country, your family and your future.


Dr. İskender IŞIK

Professor and Chair

Kutahya Dumlupinar University

Faculty of Engineering

Department of Metallurgy and Material Science




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